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You can use a single account to access all of the Bidding Ecosystem`s websites (you can use an account on to log in to DauThau.Net and vice versa)!

Please use your own personal information to register for an account and then proceed to get the business management rights and authorize or revoke business management rights of other user accounts! For purposes of security, the system will prevent multiple users from using the same account!


The Bidding Ecosystem is the maximum support platform for private businesses to participate in the public procurement, private procurement and auction markets. The core of the Ecosystem is the Private Tender Network - DauThau.Net and the Bid Information Analysis Software -
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Operated by:
Bidding Ecosystem Joint Stock Company (HSTDT.,JSC)
Address: 6th floor, Song Da building, No. 131 Tran Phu Street, Van Quan Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
Hotline:  0904.634.288 or 024.8888.4288
Email: [email protected]; MSDN: 0110063972
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Award-winning products Vietnamese talent 2011 & are prescribed priority for procurement and use in state agencies according to Circular 20/2014/TT-BTTTT
ID.DauThau.Net is a shared identification system for the entire Bidding Ecosystem used to login for products, tools and websites in the ecosystem, including, DauThau.Net, DauGia.Net and other later systems.
This account should be a personal account because you will be authorized to manage the respective business or organization (may be stripped of your rights when you quit your job at that business or organization). Do not use the same account for many people in a company or organization to avoid being locked out by the system.

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